Rich Robinson (The Black Crowes)

"You can just tell, for lack of a better term, this guy makes guitars with love.  There's an intention I feel he puts into his guitars and they play that way, as far as just the workmanship.  I use his triple-aught parlor on songs that I pick more than strum.  That style of guitar projects really well.  These guys came down to our show in Huntsville and they couldn't have been nicer.  Just great people, really cool people and they really care about what they do.  When I played his guitars, I was like, 'Holy s--- man, this is great.'  They play so well, they resonate so well.  It's a really light guitar.  The design is spot-on and beautiful.  It just seems like everything he did was done with such care and consideration that I'm just really happy with it."


WhitNey Dean (The Sweeplings)

"Danny Davis guitars are unlike any other I've played, and for all the right reasons. Danny makes each custom piece with the highest level of care and concern for his client. Starting with the tonality and sound, then to each and every detail that makes up a guitar. He walks you through every step, from the selection of woods based on your desired sounds and playing style, to the way it feels in your hands, and of course every nuance of it's color, hardware, trimmings and more... Danny's attention to every detail,  along with a technical and almost scientific approach to the crafting of each guitar certainly makes for an amazing experience for client to see come together, and a gift to the listener who is lucky enough to hear a Danny Davis guitar.  I play two custom guitars from Danny, and they are flawless. one is an all white with a hint of cream, black trim and made of the perfect woods (Adirondack, and Primavera) for the solid and clean sounds I was after. The other is a deep black color with a subtle sunburst, made with Malaysian Blackwood and has a loud and robust sound that I haven't heard an equal too. I get compliments on the sound, and unique look at every show."

Photo by: Marrow by Glass Jar Photography


Dave Anderson (Atlanta Rhythm Section)
Huntsville, AL

"My Danny Davis Grand Auditorium is easily the finest guitar I've ever owned, or even played for that matter.It has the stately essence of a grand piano and sounds almost as big.  I've always said that a guitar is a tool and not a work of art to be coveted.  Danny's craftsmanship has made me reconsider this opinion!  As beautiful was the Grand Auditorium sounds her looks also very much command attention. People constantly ask about this guitar!  Of course, I never get tired of telling her story...


Gary Nichols (The Steeldrivers)
Muscle Shoals, AL

Coming Soon.

Browan Lollar (St. Paul & The Broken Bones)
Birmingham, AL

Coming Soon.

Photo by: Todd Haller


Rebecca Holbrook
Huntsville, AL

"I had no intention of selling my Martin guitar until I walked into Tangled String Studios and played one of Danny Davis's custom made guitars.  Love at first strum!  The voice of this guitar just captivated me and the way each string resonated so clearly was like none I had ever played.  The deeper curves of this stadium size guitar allowed for a comfortable fit and the neck felt like it was designed for me.  Not only does this guitar play and sound beautifully, it is a gorgeous piece of craftsmanship, with its leopard-wood back and sides and lovely bindings.  Danny goes to great lengths to make his instruments fit your needs and aesthetic preferences.  He made me feel like I was part of its creation, just a great experience overall.  I would advise anyone to get one while they are still so affordable.  He will be in high demand soon!  This guitar has really inspired my writing and playing...I know it is my lifetime companion.  Thank you, Danny, for bringing it into the world!"

Ron Peek
Houston, TX

"My first impression, as it is with everyone, is that this is the most beautiful guitar ever.  I have to admit my exposure to custom made guitars is limited, but this one stands out as soon as the case is opened.  It glows.  It plays beautifully.  It will inspire me to become better at playing.  We see guitars in stores and we don't think much about them being special.  Just another manufactured item like thousands of other things we buy and see and really don't understand how they are made.  After visiting your shop and seeing some of what you do, it is beyond belief that the finished product can turn out this great.  It is like magic to those of us that can't do what you do.  We are all truly astounded by the quality and beauty of it.  I may have shared the story of going to see an AC/DC concert and thinking after it was over that I didn't pay enough for the ticket.  I was that impressed.  So too is this experience.  You might want to put some thought into raising your prices.  With great appreciation and awe - Ron"

Patrick J. Nickel
Huntsville, AL

"Tangled String Studios custom made the finest guitar I have ever owned.  I got to pick the wood and many other custom features, and could not be more satisfied with the entire experience.  The sound of my Concert Grand Cut-away Acoustic is as rich and full as anyone could hope for.  Danny Davis deserves a five star rating for quality, value and customer service."

Van Blankenship
Huntsville, AL

"I really love my Grand Auditorium.  The sound projection and tone are excellent.  It is by far the most resonant and loudest acoustic I own, and yet it is well balanced across the entire range with warm, rich lows and full, brilliant highs.  Working with Danny has been excellent.  He has been very helpful and patient with me in helping me to understand the woods and getting the setup just right to match my playing style.  I highly recommend his instruments to anyone interested in a finely crafted instrument."

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